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 Exploring Outdoor Play for
Lifelong Learning

Get ready for an enlightening evening at our Friday night conference during Practitioner Fest! While we're excited to announce our lineup of guest speakers soon, one thing's for certain: they'll be delving into the theme of "Learning through Play in the Outdoors for All Ages." Join us for an inspiring discussion on how outdoor play enhances learning experiences across all age groups. Secure your spot now and stay tuned for updates on our esteemed speakers!

Guest Speakers 

Join us for an enlightening Friday night conference as we delve into the crucial theme of the importance of play in child development. From the earliest years through primary school, play is a fundamental aspect of learning and growth. This conference will explore how play fosters cognitive, emotional, and social development, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning. Our experts will highlight the vital role of outdoor play in promoting physical health, creativity, and environmental awareness. Discover how playful experiences shape young minds, support academic achievements, and nurture a well-rounded, resilient generation. Don't miss this opportunity to understand why play is not just a pastime but a cornerstone of childhood development.

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